Gratitudes 💜 ✨

This page is for members of our community to post gratitude messages. If you would like one to be included please send it to Rose, Perry or Ellen 💜

I will start!

Dec. 21, 2019 I am grateful that Ellen and Perry were very understanding and patient with me. I had committed to helping with the website in March of 2019. And then I got a new house and a new job and I completely dropped my part of the project. They waited 8 months for me to pick it back up. And they have been extremely gracious about it. We are now finally getting close to launching the new site! Rose Archer

Dec. 30, 2019 I’m delighted that Rose designed this website and Ellen is updating the writing. They’ve been key players. Stephen has some photography planned; Casey created our logo; Carlos updated our contact info; Mike helped with our address list and calendar. We’re superbly accomplishing our goals to update the look, add new function, and reflect HG today. Thanks Team! Perry