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“… together, we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Founded in the early ’90s, Higher Ground Cohousing Community attracts residents who are interested in knowing their neighbors and living a sustainable life.

We value a multi-generational community, and welcome families, singles, and couples of all ages.

Our community is 39 households on seven acres at the corner of Jackson Ave. and Daggett Lane in northeast Bend. Homes range from 1000 to 2000 square feet, and are built on privately owned lots. Many homes are energy efficient and were built with environmentally-friendly materials.

About four acres of the community are owned and enjoyed as common ground. Common areas include a kids’ playground, two meadows, a pond and waterfall, an orchard, and a large and thriving community garden. Our buildings, roads, and paths were developed to adapt to the natural terrain. Beautiful rock outcroppings, native wildflowers, and the two meadows have been preserved.

In addition to these shared grounds, common facilities include a common house for socializing and dining indoors or outdoors, a multi-purpose room, a guest room, and a sauna and outdoor hot tub. We manage our common grounds and facilities through a Homeowners’ Association, and maintain them with a mix of community work parties and paid help.

Community Gardens are the best!

Like other co-housing community residents, we share some meals at the common house, create and participate in fun and connecting events, and serve on the board and committees.

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Our COVID Safety Policy — Revised Common House Usage rule, August 11, 2021

The HG Board of Directors has voted to require masks in the Common House and to require windows be open for ventilation at all Common House events.

The mask requirement applies regardless of vaccination status. For potlucks, dining should take place outside. And if dining indoors due to weather, masks should be on when not actually dining. That is masks on while serving food and cleanup.

The Higher Ground Community HOA Board created these safety policies for our Common House on June 16, 2021

1.         The new portion of the Common House is reopened. It is recommended that people using this portion of the Common House follow CDC and OHA guidelines. Specifically, it is recommended that unvaccinated people wear masks.  In order to be as inclusive as possible, it is further recommended that events, such as potlucks, continue to be held primarily outside, weather permitting.  

2.         The old or original portion of the Common House is reopened on a limited basis for small social groups, approximately half a dozen or so. The door combinations will be changed to match that of the new portion of the Common House. This will allow for access to the defibrillator which is now once-again located in a glass case in the old Common House. Also, the accessible bathroom is once again available for use for people using either the old or new portions of the Common House. Those planning a small social event should let Susy and Megan know.

3.         The guest room will be made available for reservations again, but for use by vaccinated people only. We will let you know when the sign-up sheets are available. Anyone reserving the guest room for a guest MUST satisfy themselves that the proposed guests are vaccinated. Verification could include just knowing that a family member or friend is vaccinated. Or, it could include seeing a vaccination card. This is not a recommendation. This is a requirement.