Common house event cleanup

Congratulations! What a fun event! 

Before you go, please double check:

  1. All dishes are done, dried, and put away
  2. All laundry is in the laundry room hamper
  3. Counters and surfaces are clean and free of extra items
  4. Floors are swept (and mopped if necessary)
  5. Trash and compost are emptied and containers clean
  6. Chairs in place at tables
  7. Extra chairs are in the storage room
  8. Lost and found items are on coat rack or counter
  9. Everything is shut off – lights, fans, dishwasher, oven – and heat is set at 66
  10. Doors to outside are locked

Check detailed guidelines below if you want

If you must leave anything undone, leave a note saying when you will return to finish!

Please leave this shared space as you would like your grandmother to find it! Her detailed guidelines are…

Do the Dishes, clean the sinks

  • Wash, dry, and put away all dishes
  • Clean sinks and food traps, run disposals

Put laundry in the hamper

  • Put dirty napkins, dish towels, and tablecloths in the hamper
  • Shake ‘em out first if they are crummy
  • Replace dirty tablecloths with clean ones
  • Make sure everything gets inside the hamper – wet or damp cloths can drape on the side 

Wipe surfaces

  • You can use a towel or washcloth
  • There’s vinegar water in a sprayer under the kitchen sink if you want to use it
  • Put away CH items like pots and dishes left on counter
  • Gather up things left behind by others for pick up later
  • Remove  the stove burner racks for easy cleaning
  • Don’t forget to wipe the front of the stove!

Trash and Compost

  • If the trash is stinky, wet,  or more than one-third full, it goes in the outside can
  • New plastic trash can bags are under kitchen sink
  • Compost to Daggett side of building in black bin – clean the container after emptying


  • Sweep kitchen and dining room
  • Check under dish area floor mats for things to sweep up
  • If necessary mop with hot water and a little vinegar in to mop
    • Rinse and wring mop head in 5 gallon bucket
    • There are gloves and vinegar under kitchen sink if you want them
    • Leave mop head clean and draped on floor sink faucet
    • For stubborn or sudden cleanup: use rags from under sink
    • Dirty floor rags go in floor sink (not hamper) and are washed separately

Button up

  • Extra chairs in storage room
  • Lost and found on rack outside door or on counter for pickup
  • Shut off dishwasher, stove and  oven, unplug tea kettle, turn thermostat to 66
  • Chairs in place at tables
  • Doors to outside locked, lights out, fans off. Gratitude.