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  • Community Day March 14

    9:30-10:30 Weeding with Ellen, outside CH 10:30-12:00 Stephen Archer and Gerda will host a focused discussion of Higher Ground’s plan to mitigate and manage our risk in the time of COVID Show up for Higher Ground, at whatever level feels right for you.

  • Community Collaborations are happening!

    I just got a great postcard hand-delivered to my door my Mike La Torre and Nina Rose! It was designed by the amazing Casey Davis. It is a “Save The Dates” card for all of 2020. Each month there will an opportunity to lean in. I’m excited to learn the different opportunities to be able…

  • New Years Eve 2019

    Some very clever residents have put together a great theme for New Years Eve this year……….. This is the sort of thing we do for community fun and connection. If you lived here you could join us!

  • Creating the new website!

    Perry, Ellen and I have been working on a new Higher Ground Website. We wanted to start fresh with a new modern look and feel. We added lots more current photos while also honoring past residents. There is now a “current residents” section. This is where a resident can find board meeting notes, resident contact…